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Candy 66

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Candy 66 by Candy 66

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Origin (Venezuela)
added: 2012-06-13 21:37:12
Candy66 is an alternative metal band from Venezuela formed in Caracas in 1998. This band's breakthrough across the country began in 2000 when they won the first place at the Festival Nuevas Bandas, a musical contest that features newborn bands of different genres from all over the country. They have quoted many bands as their influences, such as Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Pantera, Nirvana, among others. The band have released 4 studio albums, P.O.P. (Para Otras Personas) (For Other People - in English translation) in 2001, A+ in 2003, Evolutio released in 2009 and Nueva Guerra (New War - in English translation) in 2013. They also released a live album 5 Mundos (5 Worlds) in 2004. Currently they are planning to release a new album in 2016 featuring their last single Sombras en el Sol released in June 2015 along with its official videoclip.
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