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Written by Gordon Milcham 
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c.a.q.ll.e.d. by c.a.q.ll.e.d.

artist data

Genre: Venezuelan Pop/Rock,
Years active: 2000-2003
Label: Independent,
Origin Mérida, (Venezuela)
added: 2012-06-13 21:37:12
Demo.Nio (2003) Independent (Venezuela) Lobotoradio 
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C.A.Q.LL.E.D was a heavy metal band formed in Mérida, Venezuela in 2000 by members Javier Ramírez "Tripa" (singer), Jerry Cárdenas "Malpa" (drums), Jorge Pérez (bass) y Javier Ascorsa (guitars). The band's name is the initials of the phrase "Como Alma que Lleva el Diablo" (Like A Soul Taken By The Devil), meaning fast. In 2003 the band released an independent album titled "demo.nio".

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