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Blood On The Tracks

Written by Gordon Milcham 

Blood On The Tracks by Bob Dylan

Album Data

Released: 1975
Type: Studio Albums
Studio Album,
Genre: Pop/Rock
Country: USA
Length: 51:49
Label / Catalog Number: Columbia | PC 33235




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Blood on the Tracks is Bob Dylan's 15th studio album, released by Columbia Records in January 1975. The album marked Dylan's return to Columbia after a two-album stint with Asylum Records. Most of the lyrics on the album revolve around heartache, anger, and loneliness.

The album, which followed on the resurgence of critical acclaim for Dylan's work after Planet Waves, was greeted enthusiastically by fans and critics. In the years following its release it has come to be regarded as one of his best albums; it is quite common for subsequent records to be labeled his "best since Blood on the Tracks." It is also commonly seen as a standard for confessional singer-songwriter albums; though Dylan has denied that the songs are autobiographical, his son Jakob Dylan has stated: "The songs are my parents talking." In 2003, the album was ranked number 16 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

The album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 charts and #4 on the UK Albums Chart. The single "Tangled Up in Blue" peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. The album remains one of Dylan's all-time best-selling studio releases, with a double-platinum US certification by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).


Bob Dylan: Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Organ, Mandolin
Billy Peterson: Bass (Minneapolis Sessions)
Eric Weissberg: Banjo, Guitar (NYC Sessions)
Tony Brown: Bass (NYC Sessions)
Charles Brown, III: Guitar (NYC Sessions)
Bill Berg: Drums (Minneapolis Sessions)
Buddy Cage: Steel guitar (NYC Session)
Barry Kornfeld: Guitar (NYC Sessions)
Richard Crooks: Drums (NYC Sessions)
Paul Griffin: Organ, Keyboards (NYC Sessions)
Gregg Inhofer: Keyboards (Minneapolis Sessions)
Thomas McFaul: Keyboards (NYC Sessions)
Chris Weber: Guitar, 12 String Guitar (Minneapolis Sessions)
Kevin Odegard: Guitar (Minneapolis Sessions)
Peter Ostroushko: Mandolin (Minneapolis Sessions)
Phil Ramone: Engineer (NYC Sessions)
Pete Hamill: Liner Notes
Paul Till: Photo
David Oppenheim: Illustration
Ron Coro: Art Direction

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