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Marquee Moon

Written by Gordon Milcham 

Marquee Moon by Television

Album Data

Released: 1977
Type: Studio Albums
Studio Album,
Genre: Pop/Rock
Country: USA
Length: 45:48
Label / Catalog Number: Elektra | 7E-1098



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Marquee Moon is, without doubt, one of the best rock albums in history. Released in 1977, it is the boiling point of 20 years of rock music evolution exploding in a fierce and revolutionary guitar rock sound that defined the genre for decades.

By then rock and roll had already grown into the theatricals of glam and the excesses of stadium and corporate rock (not to mention disco, bubblegum, and all sorts of pop music), but just like Nirvana did 12 years later, Tom Verlaine and company stripped down their sound to the basics. This change, along with Verlaine's poetic storytelling full of urban visuals and intellectual lyrics, frame a group of songs that, stripped from modern grooves, could pass as idiosyncratic if it wasn't the essence of every rock and roll ever published. It could be a Stones album or a Bowie album or a New York Dolls album, but for the lack of layers, swing, overproduction, and orchestration. And this is for the best. 

Clean of modish artifices Marquee Moon sounds as fresh today as it did on the day of its release. It is a collection of perfect guitar rock songs driven by Verlaine and Richard Lloyd's guitar exchanges that give real meaning to the word epic when used to describe them. This album is a must in any music collection and one to be studied by anyone interested in the history and developing of modern rock and roll.

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