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TEMA: Prada men's bag matching method details

Prada men's bag matching method details 4 meses 1 semana antes #350

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Fashion ladies always have multiple Fake Cheap Prada Handbags that can be folded to suit different occasions. In fact, men are no exception, and for men, bags can not only be a practical storage device, but also a symbol of their taste and personality. How to match men's bags? Let's start with the type of bag and see how all types of bags become fashion accessories.


In addition to being worthy and generous, the portfolio used in business activities must match the person's appearance so that he can show his professional temperament for the first time.

Exterior. Men's briefcases are available in both horizontal and vertical styles. The basic principle is that a thinner person should choose a cross section, and a thicker person should choose a vertical model. Also pay attention to the size of the bag, the larger briefcase is more suitable for tall men. Please note that the portfolio must be selected to avoid layers.

colour. The color of the portfolio is the same as the color of the garment and must match the color of the skin. If you are not sure which color is right, you can choose wild black.

material. The briefcase is usually made of genuine leather and is durable and looks very delicate. Currently, there are many ways to distinguish between dermis. The most important thing is that the pattern is clear and soft. Calfskin briefcases and special linens are currently more expensive on the market.

Leisure bag

On weekends, people should show their true character. Lightweight and stylish casual bags will make you feel a lot of heart.

Exterior color. The traditional monotony of wearing men's clothing at rest has become very diverse, and bags are no exception. But please note that you should avoid the color pattern of the overly complex Fake Discount Prada Handbags. Not only do they not match, but they also look boring. The basic principle is still to match the body and clothes.

material. At random moments, you should choose a lightweight and durable bag so that men can avoid heavy bags and try lighter canvas or even nylon. You know, shopping with Prada bags is not easy. Of course, don't forget to choose a quality-assured brand so that the fabric will not be out of touch.
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