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Our mission is to build the most comprehensive database about the music made in Venezuela or about Venezuela. The idea is to compile all the labels, artists, albums, and songs and all the information related in one site. In the end, the objetive is to have the discography of every single Venezuelan artist available to anyone interested in the music.

The Database

The Lobotoradio database is open to user input for all music made in or related to Venezuela. A basic amount of artists and albums was included from the beginning in order to establish a method for inputing information, but that's just the beginning. Users are able to add albums and artists they are familiar with and other users can help improve that information. Soon users will also be able to catalog their own collections through personalized pages where they can rate and review artists and recordings.

Who created Lobotoradio?

Lobotoradio was originally a section of the Venezuelan magazine El Nuevo Cojo Ilustrado and it is curated by filmmaker and music fan Gordon Milcham, editor of that magazine. When first separated from El Nuevo Cojo in 2004, it became Gordon's hobby and it was dedicated to music in general. However, it soon focused on Venezuelan artists and recordings. 

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